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Your spotlight on local services

It Starts With You


It Starts with You- Help make health and social care better in Shropshire

As you know, there is a Healthwatch in every area of England. We’re here to listen to peoples experiences of health and social care services and to share them with those who have the power to make change happen.

Throughout July, we will be running a campaign to show people across the county how their voices can make a difference. By speaking up, you can help make health and care better for our local communities.

Our close connections to people have helped us to find out what you think of services and what you want from them in the future; over 1400 people spoke to us about their experiences of health and social care services in Shropshire this year.As well as speaking to people who contact us to share their stories, we’ve also visited over 30 local services this year to find out if they’re meeting your needs. The reports we write following these Enter & View visits are shared with those in charge of running services to make them aware of any improvements you’d like to see. We make these reports available to you through our website and in all our local libraries.

Thanks to our volunteers

As ever, everything we do has been supported by our fantastic volunteers. Our team of over 15 volunteers have worked with us this year, going out into communities to listen to people’s views, and travelling far and wide to make sure that everybody has a chance to make their voice heard.

If you’d like to join this team, visit the ‘Get Involved’ section of our website or contact the office today.

This year we’ve seen the incredible power peoples voice can have in helping make sure health and social care services meet our community’s needs.
If you have an experience you’d like to share- no matter how big or small- we want to hear about it. Your story has the power to make change happen. 



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How sharing your feedback with us has made a difference 

 Volunteer, get involved

Do you want to help bring about positive change to our health and social care services? Volunteer with Healthwatch Shropshire and help to make a difference

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