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Your spotlight on local services

Have you had experience of NHS mental health services in Shropshire?


Healthwatch Shropshire would like to hear about patients’ and carers’ experience of using NHS mental health services this month in the light of changes in the way that all levels of services are provided.   

 Jane Randall-Smith, Chief Officer of Healthwatch Shropshire, said:

“There has been particular concern over the provision of services for young people but we would like to know how mental health services are working for everyone. What is working well for you and are there any delays or gaps that still need to be filled?

 “There is currently a great deal of focus on the future of hospital services in the county, but we want to make sure that we continue to hear about people’s experiences of other areas of health care.  As well as mental health services, we always welcome comments about any publicly-funded health and social care services.”

 You can let Healthwatch Shropshire know what you think about local services by phone 01743 237884 or by completing a "Tell Us" form online




         01743 237884


How sharing your feedback with us has made a difference 

 Volunteer, get involved

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