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Excellent project work


Healthwatch England have described a piece of collaborative research by Healthwatch Shropshire (HWS) and Keele University’s 5th year medical students as ‘excellent’. Keele students undertook the work as part of their Community Leadership Project supervised by Healthwatch Shropshire.

HWS were aware that there was a gap in feedback received from young people about their experiences of health services. As this is the generation that service design needs to focus on for future provision HWS wanted to explore how they accessed health information and services, and what mattered most to them about their health. 

Healthwatch England research department highlighted the report and described the project as ‘an excellent piece of collaborative work that puts a spotlight on experiences of 16-25 year old people. Medical students were able to gain experience by working with Healthwatch Shropshire to create targeted surveys to get the best sense of how young people feel about health and social care services. Generally, young people had positive experiences and most often used traditional sources to get information and support rather than social media.’

Read the project report.



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