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Your spotlight on local services

Authorised Representatives

Who can Enter and View?

Authorised Representatives are ordinary people, often without previous experience in health or social care.  However, they are all interested in giving people a say in the services they receive.  Our Authorised Representatives receive full training to equip them with the skills needed to carry out Enter & View visits

Our current Authorised Representatives are:

Vanessa Barrett
Roz Conway
Clare Cooper
Anthea Fell
Helen Hill
Chris Knight
Jane Randall-Smith
Lynn Cawley
Anne Wignall
Glenda Walton
Theresa Cole
Chris Griffin

All the authorised representatives have undergone the following:

• Enter and View Training
• Safeguarding Training
• DBS (Disclosure Barring Service) Check
• Equality and Diversity Training (not compulsory but completed by all representatives)

If you are interested in becoming an Authorised Representative further details can be found here.


         01743 237884


How sharing your feedback with us has made a difference 

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